There are more than 2,000,000 podcasts on the internet today.

How will yours get noticed?


It may seem like it is almost impossible. But it’s not really. The secret to getting noticed is surprisingly simple.

I’ll get to that in a moment. But first, think about this.

It seems like everyone is launching a “How To Podcast” course these days. 

Most of the courses teach mechanics; equipment, editing, and other background technical information.
That’s the easy stuff. What’s difficult is coming up with interesting things to say week after week that make people come back and keep listening to what you have to say.

Lee Cockerell, the retired EVP of Walt Disney World Resort (who also has a podcast), said of the world-famous resort, “It’s not magic that makes it work. It’s the way we work that makes it magic.”

“It’s not magic that makes it work.
It’s the way we work that makes it magic.”

The same is true for podcasting. There is no magic formula, but the way you work can make your podcast magic. And that’s the secret to getting your podcast noticed amidst the hundreds of thousands of podcasts.

The Magic is You

If the magic is you, how does that make your podcast magical, exactly?

It works like this, you create content that is uniquely authentically you. And that in and of itself creates the magic. Imagine that your podcast starts to get noticed. And suddenly you find you have:

  • Listeners who eagerly await every episode you publish
  • People email you to see what is going on if you don’t publish your episode on time
  • Episode content is on target on time and on purpose
  • You feel like you have a show consistent with who you are
  • When people meet you in person, they say you are just like you are on your podcast

With focus and a system in place, you can have an endless amount of content people find interesting and fascinating. It’s about knowing how to take the substance of your life and sharing it in an interesting way.



After being a park ranger for many years, I launched my first podcast, The Park Leaders Show. After recording the first 6 episodes, I hid them in my closet. Well, not really, they sat on my computer.

I didn’t launch the podcast because I didn’t like the way my voice sounded. I thought the audio quality could be better. I didn’t know what content to record after those first episodes were published. Heck, I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know how to get my show launched.

So I Waited.

Until I finally got over myself and launched the first episode of the Park Leaders Show. In the years since my podcast launched, there have been so many people who told me the podcast helped them in their careers. I have been invited to speak at dozens of conferences. I have narrated audiobooks. And it led to more podcasts. 

My second podcast was Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell, the retired Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World. Then another show was added. Before long, I had 8 podcasts going at the same time. Over the past six years, I have recorded and produced more than 1,000 episodes.

Along the way, I took notes. When something worked, I wrote it down. When something didn’t work, I wrote that down, too.

From being too nervous to launch, to having 8 active podcasts at the same time…how did it happen? I overcame it all by creating the right systems. Not only systems to produce and publish episodes but systems to develop and create content.


It’s not enough to launch a podcast.

Your podcast has to be one people want to listen to. And one you are excited about creating every week.

Here is what most people do; they get excited and buy a course on how to start a podcast. They buy $5,000 worth of recording equipment, and after 5 episodes they quit. Just give up.

What keeps the other people going? What causes their podcasts to grow and gain more listeners year after year? How were they able to turn their podcast into a source of income?

It’s simple…great content.

The good news is you don’t have to be a movie star, former talk show host, or runner-up on The Bachelor to have a great show. And you don’t have to be a former executive with a large company.

You may think Lee Cockerell has an advantage you don’t. He ran Walt Disney World after all. But what works for Lee can work for you, too. With your podcast, you will be talking to your tribe, just as Lee is speaking to his. While the subject matter may be different, and your accomplishments and titles may be different, the principles of communicating to people who want to hear what you have to say are the same.

To have a fascinating show, you have to be real. Be you.

If you want examples of people creating a successful podcast by being themselves, check out these shows:

If you want examples of people creating a successful podcast by being themselves, check out these shows:

  • The Yarniacs - a Knitting Podcast: Hosts Gayle and Sharlene talk about what they are wearing, what they are interested in, and what they are knitting.
  • Woodworking with William Patrick: Learn about the latest trends and tools for working with wood
  • Back Porch Birding Podcast with Tim Harris and Austin Roe: The hosts talk about the birds you can find in your back yard and neighborhood.
  • Flour Hour Baking Podcast with Amanda Faber and Jeremiah Duarte Bills: A show dedicated to baking and stories about how food has inspired culture and humanity
  • Airplane Owner Maintenance Podcast with Dean Showalter: A show devoted to helping airplane owners reach a higher level of maintenance.

Although I don’t know any of the podcast hosts personally, I do know they have something in common…they are talking about something they love.

These podcast hosts could be recording their show with a shoebox and a smartphone for all I know. The equipment isn’t what makes their show stand out.


You don’t need fancy equipment.

You don’t need to soundproof your house. You can even record outside in a park. I do it all the time. It’s not about equipment. It’s not about the acoustics of the room you record in. It’s about the content you create.

So often, people talk about building a brand and a business from a podcast. It can happen. My business was built on podcasting.

But some people start a podcast because they want to. They love a subject and want to talk about it.

What Do You Love?

Do you have a favorite hobby you would like to build a community around? A favorite TV Show, but your co-workers are tired of hearing about it? An obsession with Fly-Fishing that makes people hide around the corner when they see you coming?

Believe me, you can have an audience without cornering Nancy near the copy machine to talk about the latest episode of Survivor, or waiting until Bill is elbow-deep in the motor of his Ford to force him to listen to you talk about the new fly you learned to tie.

There are people who love what you love.
They want to listen to what you have to say.







Here is the best news about a podcast…

…the magic is you get to be you. Completely yourself. Bring your quirks and weird sense of humor.

Monetization is the hot word in podcasting these days. But sometimes we do something because we love it, not to make money. 

And sometimes, doing a podcast on an obscure topic pays off. Like when a former park ranger launches a show for park rangers. And then eventually, the former park ranger gets invited to speak to all 50 State Park Directors and shares the stage with the Governor of Arkansas. Yes, I am talking about myself. No, I had no idea, or plans, for the podcast to put me at a podium in front of so many government officials. But it happened because I was talking about something I love.

Simply put, I was being me. It wouldn’t have happened either if I was a park ranger showing up for work every day. No one would have noticed me. And I certainly wouldn’t have been asked to speak to the State Park Directors.

Podcasting is what set me apart.

By having a podcast, it was my voice people were hearing. People were listening to interviews of me talking to experts, and my name was always in the conversation. Having a podcast opened doors and allowed me to meet new people and have conversations I otherwise would not have had. Because of that, my name rose to the top when people needed a speaker in my niche.

But you have to do a podcast the right way.

You are probably like I was when I first decided to launch a podcast; you’re full of optimism about what’s possible for you…

You’ve seen how a podcast can get people noticed and give them authority in their market…

You’ve read that podcast listeners are more affluent than the average person, earning $70,000+ per year…

You’ve realized that podcasts are more easily consumed than print messages, online copy, and even almighty video…

But something’s kept you from starting your podcast and getting your voice heard.

I get it because I’ve been there...

Fears Rob Would-Be Podcasters of Their Voice

Most of the clients I’ve worked with—whether it be co-hosting, launching, or coaching people through their podcasts—have some (or all) of these hang-ups when it comes to sending their message out into the world:

  • Will anybody listen?
  • Who am I to make a weekly show?
  • How will I make content?
  • I’m not a technical person
  • Podcasting gurus say I need $5,000+ in equipment
  • Where do I even begin?
  • How do I structure a show?
  • How do I turn my message into podcast content?
  • What goes into recording a podcast?
  • There’s already shows that focus on my topic
  • How do I get my show out there?
  • What do I do once the podcast is launched?

If any of these thoughts are keeping you from starting a podcast to get your voice heard, I’m here to tell you that just about everybody I know with a podcast struggled with these same fears—some who have successful shows STILL struggle with these thoughts.

But that’s no reason to stop...

Because with every podcast I’ve worked with that’s become successful…

The Key is Action

I’ve never seen a show reach the 100 episode milestone that didn’t launch the first episode. Sounds simple, I know. But so many people get hung up on getting the first episode launched.

Successful podcasters—the ones who make a name for themselves and capture outsized attention, influence, and authority—are those who take action despite their fears.

But many would-be podcasters get confused about where to start.

Here’s where people can get stuck…

Some gurus make the podcasting process too complicated, requiring expensive equipment, superb audio mixing, and a level of detail that makes for fantastic radio—but is overkill for someone just starting their own podcast.

This level of production feels overwhelming and can completely kill any momentum behind building a show.

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably not looking for a how-to course on building a radio-quality production.

So what’s the first best step?

The Simple Way to Bypass the Learning Curve

I’ve been involved with dozens of podcasts as the show owner, co-host, or coach behind the scenes, and there’s a common trait among each of the most successful shows…


Look at any of the shows I've helped launch, and you'll see what I mean, including...

All of them share the same traits…


Simple Production. Simple Theme. Simple Delivery.

That’s why I hate to see fledgling podcasters flailing while trying to pull together highly-produced shows—it’s not necessary. There are more important things to focus on as the show finds its legs.

Most questions about podcasting fall into three areas; how-to technical questions, how to grow an audience, and how to create great content.

Out of these three questions, the first two are the easiest. And this is what most people teach in their podcasting course.


The hard part is knowing what to say.

That’s why I created a course that takes a completely different approach to the other podcasting courses out there.

Before we get into that, I’d like you to ask yourself these questions to see if starting a podcast is something you want to do…

  • Do you want to be recognized as an authority in your niche?
  • Would it be worth it to your business or brand to create a platform that opens doors to clients, partnerships, and influence?
  • Are others in your niche with less experience and expertise grabbing the spotlight?
  • Do you have a message that can have a positive impact on your industry or field of interest?
  • Are you willing to devote time each week to get your message out there for people with shared interests to enjoy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then…

I Invite You To Join Me In My New Course: PODCAST MAGIC

What’s Podcast Magic?

It’s the online course I’ve created that guides you through the whole podcast creation, launch, and post-launch process.

This is paint-by-numbers simple that anybody can do as long as they have a message they want to share…

Even if you have no technical skill, have never published online, and just upgraded from a flip-phone this morning.

Podcast Magic is for you if…

  • You’re a business owner who wants to get more visibility in your market
  • You’re a hobbyist who wants to share your knowledge and build a brand in your niche
  • You’re looking to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • You’re a speaker who wants to showcase your expertise with potential prospects
  • You’re a marketer who’s building another traffic stream to your offers
  • You’re an expert who wants to increase your influence and authority
  • You’re someone who wants to interview experts and thought-leaders in your field of interest

If you’re somebody with a message to share, Podcast Magic is for you.

This course is designed to keep things simple, with easy-to-follow steps to walk you through building a compelling podcast from scratch.


Some of What You’re Getting Includes…

  • The contrary element that trumps equipment and sound quality and why this makes the difference between a show people look forward to each week and a show people gladly ignore

  • How to stop falling behind less experienced competitors and capture the attention your expertise and message deserves

  • The little-known genius trick to break through the new podcast “episode wall” so your show is around for the long-haul

  • The best places to publish your podcast and the super-simple way to make sure your voice is heard

  • The backwards content approach that galvanizes your listeners and builds an audience of raving fans

  • My “park ranger method” to make each listener feel connected to you and your message

  • The Field of Dreams myth you MUST avoid if you want to set yourself up to win

  • The sure-fire simple way to come up with podcast content (and how to ensure you never run out)

  • Why “conversation” is the secret ingredient even experienced podcasters completely miss

  • How to avoid the audience-seeking boobytrap that catches unwitting podcasting newbies and throws their show into the digital dust-bin

  • And much more…!

Podcast Magic Contains 6 Modules That Give You Everything You Need to Launch Your Podcast


Introduction to Podcast Magic

A walk-through of my podcasting method, and how to get the most out of the Podcast Magic course so you stop “getting ready to get ready” and launch your podcast. In this module, you will learn:

  • About my unlikely journey into podcasting and why it matters to your story
  • Six reasons you want to launch a podcast


The Fundamentals of Podcast Magic

The foundational mindset shifts you need to make so you aren’t frozen by the fear and have the tools to move ahead with your podcast. In this module, you will learn:

  • Why people need to hear your voice
  • Why it is important you start now
  • The real value of a podcast


Developing Content for Your Podcast

The method I use with my own podcast and my clients to create an unending content list with a narrative string tying them all together. In this Module, you will learn:

  • What you need to know before you record a single episode
  • Three reasons most podcasts fail and how you can avoid the same fate
  • A full-proof template for your first 5 episodes
  • Exactly what to say in your first episode
  • How to organize your podcast ideas
  • How to create a conversation with your audience
  • A Park Ranger’s formula to make every episode feel like magic
  • What makes podcast cover art stand out
  • How to title episodes so they get noticed


Recording Your Podcast

I hold your hand and guide you through each step to record and edit your podcast, regardless of whether you choose premium or free recording tools. In this Module, you will learn:

  • The truth about which microphone you should use
  • How to record your first episode
  • Editing basics so you can get the first episode out the door
  • The secret to quality sound even if you don’t use an editor


Getting Your Show Live

Everything you need to know about preparing your show for launch, creating show notes, and distributing your show on the various podcast listening platforms. In this module, you will learn:

  • How to prepare for the day you launch your podcast
  • How to set up a hosting account including all the right boxes to check
  • How to get your podcast submitted to all the right places, including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, iHeart Radio and more.


After You Launch Your Podcast

Your podcast is launched, now what? This module will provide lessons to help you keep a strong foundation for keeping your show going. In this Module, you will learn:

  • When you can expect your podcast to get traction
  • The only sure-fire way to get reviews for your podcast
  • Four ways to create a profitable podcast

In Podcast Magic, you will learn how to get started with Zero dollars, or you can use the super-sophisticated equipment I use for less than $200.

Each module is packed with short video lessons giving you the guidance you need as you need it. And broken into small bits, it is easy to find the exact piece when you want to come back to re-watch a lesson. You will also get printables to help you work through the lessons.

From coming up with ideas that will attract listeners to your show, what equipment you ACTUALLY need, and the actual nuts-and-bolts of recording and publishing—you’ll have the exact same roadmap I use with each of my clients.


“But Will This Work For Me?”

There are huge benefits to having a podcast, but starting one can be scary. I felt it, my clients felt it, and the students who’ve gone through my training have felt it. But in the end, we built a platform that allows us to serve our audience, gain their trust, and build our brand.

Podcast Magic helps you get past these fears by giving you an easy- step-by-step path that others just like you have used to create winning podcasts.

Here’s what a few of my podcasting clients and students have to say about what it did for them...

"Jody has been my trusted guide for building my brand with a podcast. He helps me get out my message by creating podcast episodes centered on my unique content. Part of the Magic behind Creating Disney Magic is the approach Jody takes towards podcasting."

Lee Cockerell
Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World

"If you are looking for a PhD in Podcasting, look no further than Jody’s course, ‘Podcast Magic.’ His lessons are engaging, entertaining and easy to follow. You’ll be up and producing your own show before you know it. Jody helped me understand there’s a story only I can tell, and podcasting is the medium in which to do it. His encouragement and instruction turned my dream into a reality. This is an investment you’ll be glad you made!"

Mike Sizemore
Host of the Adventure Podcast

"When it came to podcasting, I didn’t know where to start or what I would talk about. Then Jody came along. He offered me a seamless set-up and weeks’ worth of ideas. A podcast has been a great way to highlight our best material and talk about it in a fresh way. No way would I have pushed forward with this without Jody."

Lori Allen
Director of Great Escape Publishing

"Before Podcast Magic, what held me back was my own worry and fear of not knowing how to pull it all together. The lessons in this course are invaluable. From how to set up a podcast, what technical gear to use, and even how to frame show topics and content…took the fear out of it for me. Jody taught me from start to finish as a novice. The biggest win was Jody’s easy style of teaching, his experience having hosted and run podcasts for years. I highly recommend Podcast Magic."

Tom Dutta
The Quiet Warrior Show

What Would It Mean to You to Have an Audience Full of Your Ideal Prospects?

Publishing regular podcast episodes does a few things for you…

Attracts People

It attracts people who are interested in your message, your topic, and your personality. Nobody’s going to keep listening to a podcast that doesn’t resonate with them. This means the people who find you and enjoy what you’re sharing are exactly the kind of people you want to be talking to.

Builds Rapport

If done right, it builds rapport with your listeners so they feel like they know you. The more you share, the more a listener bonds with you and your message. If any of your listeners want to work with you, there’s virtually no sale required since the relationship has already been built.

Gives You A Platform

It gives you a platform that’s like speaking to an auditorium full of your best prospects every time you publish an episode. Even if you only get 50 downloads per episode, if you publish weekly, that’s 200 people per month. Would you like to speak to 200 of your best prospects each month?

You can see why podcasting is such a powerful medium for establishing niche authority. Now at this point you may be asking…

“What Will It Cost to Get Your Help Launching My Podcast?”

I have to tell you that my current fee to help somebody launch their podcast is now $6,800.

And with the speaking I’m doing, the time it takes for one-on-one coaching, working with my co-hosting clients, and producing my own two shows, I just don’t have time to take on any more podcasting clients at this point.

So if you’re interested in creating a podcast…

If you want my help walking you through each step of the way…

If you want to remove the learning curve and work with a veteran who has seen it all…

If you want to build an audience of your ideal prospects…

If you want the influence and expert status that comes with having a show that attracts and holds people’s attention…

... then I invite you to take a look at Podcast Magic so you can get the benefits that only having a podcast can bring you.


Podcast Magic

And to make getting Podcast Magic a no brainer, I’ve put three options together for you…

The Ultimate Podcast Magic Package


This package is for those who want as much help creating their podcast as possible. 

The Ultimate Podcast Magic Package includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Podcast Magic course, plus all future updates
  • Join the Podcast Magic online community
  • A reserved spot in the Podcast Magic Group Coaching sessions
  • Attend Podcast Magic Live where we will develop your content, record your first episodes, and get your show submitted to Apple Podcasts before you leave
  • Limited to only 5 people

I’m not sure I will ever offer this option again. This may be your one and only chance to join me in person so we can work together to get your podcast launched. You can join me for a one-time investment of $4,997.


Podcast Magic + Group Coaching


This package gets you in on the group coaching calls PLUS lifetime access to Podcast Magic, all for a one-time investment of $897.

  • Lifetime access to the Podcast Magic course, plus all future updates
  • Join the Podcast Magic online community
  • Four group coaching calls to answer all of your questions as you work through the lessons

Podcast Magic


This package gets you lifetime access to Podcast Magic, including all future updates and additions to the program. Plus, you get access to the Podcast Magic online community so you can join other podcasters for discussion, question and answer, and support.




Investing in yourself gets you the highest return of any investment, but it’s still a leap of faith. That’s why if you get Podcast Magic and for some reason you don’t feel it’s right for you, simply let me know within 30 days, and I’ll refund your entire investment.
One of the most important accomplishments in my life was becoming a park ranger. I took my role seriously.

On my honor as a park ranger, you have my word if Podcast Magic is not right for you, you can have your money back.

No drama, no worries, just a refund.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a simpler guarantee than that.

All the risk is on me, and you have nothing to lose.

I Invite You To Join Me In My New Course: PODCAST MAGIC

So if you’ve been thinking about creating a podcast, and are interested in the authority, influence, and expert status having a podcast can bring you, then click the button below to get started.

Simply fill out the order form, submit your payment, and you’ll get instant access to the course.

In fact, if you take massive action, you could watch the course and record your first episode in a single day.
Or, take your time to work through the lessons at your own pace. With Podcast Magic, you can watch the videos as you need with no time frame. The key is applying what you learn, not how fast you work through the lessons.

So click the button below and get started making your own podcast magic!


Q: Will Podcast Magic work for me, or is it only for people who already have a following?

A: When I launched my first podcast, I had no email list, no social media following, was not a speaker with a crowd to pitch my podcast to. The magic is not being a celebrity or having a following. The magic is creating content based on who you are. So, yes, Podcast Magic is for you whether you don’t have an email list or already have a grand following and are looking for a new platform.

Q: How is Podcast Magic Different from other podcasting courses

A: Podcast Magic focuses on how to create content only you can create. Most courses focus on the mechanics of equipment, recording, editing, and other technical aspects. While we cover all of this in the course, the bulk of the course focuses on creating content, which is the real magic of a podcast.

Q: What if I am still not sure if I should start a podcast?

Listen to this episode of the Jody Maberry Show I recorded about why you should start a podcast:

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of money to spend on equipment?

Then you will love what you learn about equipment in Podcast Magic. I will show you everything in my podcasting studio, piece by piece. By the way, my entire studio fits in a small bag. And I will even show you what bag I use.

My entire podcast studio

Q: What if I don’t know what to talk about on a podcast?

A: Don’t worry. I will show you how to create an endless stream of content based on your knowledge, experience, and interests.

Q: With 700,000 podcasts already available, is it even worth it to put out a podcast?

A: Sure, 700,000 seems like a lot of podcasts, but consider the alternatives. There are 440 million blogs. YouTube has 23 million channels. There 260 million active LinkedIn members posting updates, videos, and articles.

Now, you can see 700,000 podcasts really are not many. And that number doesn’t take into consideration how many of those podcasts are no longer producing new episodes. So many podcasts are dormant, but the old episodes are still available.

Instead of being a needle in a haystack, you can be the farmer and stack your own hay.


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